GOSEVA Netra Seva - Eye Drop (15 ml)


Netraseva eye drops can help rectify_x000D_
Poor vision_x000D_
cooling eye redness_x000D_
Reducing eye itchiness_x000D_
Restoring the moisture_x000D_
Regular usage will also eliminate cataract formations, Glaucoma_x000D_
Can also be used to cure retinal detachment._x000D_
Netraseva is eyedrop made from Gulab Jal, honey and Gomutra.No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

GOSEVA Marham - Ayurvedic Skin Ointment (10 gm)


GOSEVA Marham is an Ayurvedic skin ointment prepared from herbs and cow dung

Marham can be applied on cut wounds, burnt wounds and bruised skin._x000D_
It acts as an antiseptic and also helps in faster healing. It can also be applied on cracked heels._x000D_
The ingredients of Marham are :_x000D_
  • Cow dung powder
  • _x000D_
  • Geru
  • _x000D_
  • Cow urine salts
  • _x000D_
  • Copper sulphate
  • _x000D_
  • Mom (pure wax)
  • _x000D_
Cow dung as it is acts as a disinfectant on the skin. World famous hair and beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain has written about benefits of cow dung in her article. In its dry and powdered form, cow dung was used to treat skin diseases. So much so, it was even said to reduce infection and improve blood circulation. Cow dung and urine can be included in cleansers, scrubs and masks for both face and body._x000D_
Due to it's anti-bacterial property, cow dung is used in Marham. It helps fight skin diseases such as ring worm, eczema, psoriasis, etc._x000D_
Directions for use : Clean the wounded/infected area of your skin with Gomutra. Later, apply Marham on it 2 to 3 times every day. Avoid contact with eyes.

GOSEVA Brahmi Amla Hair Oil (100 ML)


Brahmi hair oil is a Ayurvedic hair oil made with natural vedic traditional process._x000D_
It is combination of Bacopa monnieri which is known as Bramhi and Emblica officinalis_x000D_
known as Amla._x000D_
Bramhi is very useful in curing central nervous system diseases._x000D_
It acts as a brain tonic and increases memory. Amla nourishes your hair and_x000D_
make them long and strong. The combination of Bramhi & Amla oil removes dandruff from_x000D_
scalp and solves head skin disease problem._x000D_
This oil prevents hair loss and improves hair growth. Brahmi amla oil kills viruses,_x000D_
bacteria and fungi present in the scalp. Ayurved recommends Brahmi amla hair oil for strong hair. Slowly massaging of Bramhi amla hair oil enhances the blood circulation in the scalp and keep the hair roots strong.No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product

GOSEVA Angamardanam Tailam - Pain Relief Oil (50 ml)


ANGAMARDANAM TAILAM renders quick relief to muscle and joint pain._x000D_
It is a completely Ayurvedic cow product prepared by traditional way._x000D_
Made from effective Ayurvedic ingredients ANGAMARDANAM TAILAM is skin friendly, non toxic and harm free product._x000D_
This oil cures following problems_x000D_
Back Pain_x000D_
Knee pain_x000D_
Pain due to arthritis_x000D_
Sports Injuries_x000D_
Muscular aches_x000D_
Restless leg syndrome_x000D_
Sciatica disorders_x000D_
Massage gently onto any area of the body affected by pain by using twice daily. Avoid contact with any cuts or open wounds. Keep away from eyes._x000D_
Ingredients:No Synthetic chemicals are used in the preparation of this product