GOSEVA A2 Dry Milk


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Gir cow's A2 Milk in dry powder format. Travel-friendly and healthy

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    Make 20 Serving of 250ml glass from 500g Powder 

    Make 4 Serving of 250ml glass from 100g Powder

    Healthy and Safe for feeding children above 2 year

    No hormone injections given to any cows

    No chemicals or preservatives used in processing

    Fully Hygenic Automatic milk powder plant

    Directions for use : First make thick paste and then add required amount of water

    Gir cow’s milk

    Contains amino acid which fights with diseases like obesity, joint pain & asthma

    is rich in calcium present in milk is vital for bones growth & development

    Protects the colon cells from the chemical which lead to cancer

    Aids in regulation of parathyroid hormone is rich in vitamin B2 and vitamin B12,

    both of which help produce energy for the body. These vitamins also help protect heart

    is abundant in iodine, which is an important component of thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine

    contains vitamin A which is needed for development and growth of mucosal and epithelial tissues. They helps protect against microorganisms invasion and their toxic effects. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to frequent cold, rheumatoid arthritis, infection in ear and various other diseases

    The best part about GOSEVA A2 dry milk is that it can be carried along, while you’re on the move.

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